CCC Smile: LIVING WITH HIM OR WITHOUT HIM? JESUS CHRIST IS MY SAVIOUR I smiled at this because this was me recently :-))

iamrevival: “hisnewcreationjourney: “ drawingrawker: “ jesusismybeginningmyforever: “ chrisfel: “ He’s always right beside us. :) ” ” haha, we can’t run away from God because He’s everywhere!

Do you fully trust Jesus?                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Sometimes we just miss the point. We hold tightly to the things of the world, thinking they can keep us afloat but in the end they fail us and we sink. We must let go of everything and hold tightly to only Jesus.

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[COMIC] Jesus always does more then we expect

At some point during life, we've all been guilty of underestimating the magnitude Christ's work has. We need to be a little more trusting of Jesus.

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Thank You Lord Jesus.

Thank you God for your forgiveness even when I do not feel like I deserve it.for your mercy and grace washes over me. I get up and pray for your guidance, wisdom, and your will for my life.