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Jesus' last word is our first word. "Tetelestai - It is finished". When He died, our life began. And because "it is finished", there is nothing that any one of us can contribute to His work on the cross to bring us any closer to salvation.


Yes. I'm feeling this. Super challenges lately, but I keep hearing a whisper that says, Don't stop... Keep going... You're on the right track. Trusting the flow, even through some minor moments of doubt and panic. Lol. Thank god that shit never lasts too long and there's always a *sign* right around the corner. (image via @25park )

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Can Post-Sex Cuddling Improve Your Relationship?

Quotes On Love and Respect Marriage Every couple wishes to be happy in their relationship. Sadly not everybody is and the focus on why they are not pleased is placed on the wrong areas thus producing more distress. Here are 9 ideas from delighted and successful couples from all over the world. These simple relationship suggestions enable any couple to enhance their joy easily and successfully starting tonight. The long term joy and fulfillment you feel in your relationship starts with you…

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Prayer for hope

May this prayer for hope inspire you to trust in God’s providence for your life. Things may not turn out exactly as you like, but our hope in Jesus allows us to face any trial. Don’t give up hope. Remember, God always has the last word.


There is hope for true lasting change in our lives. We have to change our thinking to think on the things of Christ. We have to replace the lies we think and believe GOD'S TRUTH. God's Word tells us... Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind that by testing you may discern what is the will of God what is good and acceptable and perfect


We never know which moment will be our last . . . live a life of love so that at any moment, there will be no regrets!


God always has the last Word. He alone is Almighty. Let this prayer for the impossible inspire you to seek God's promises.


remember, this one sticks. this is the one that changes everything... no backing out, no running away... this one sticks... believe it.(LAST PINNER SAID)


I have been struggling with hopelessness the last few days. Feeling like giving up. Feeling like something must be wrong. So last night I dug into the Bible. I read about Sarah and Hannah and Rebekah. Women who waited years DECADES to have their babies. And in His perfect timing God provided. So I'm not giving up. But I am going to shift my thinking. I'm going to let go of the ovulation tests and obsessive pregnancy test taking and just let it happen. I'm going to lean back take a deep…