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Jill Greenberg

What is it about a crying baby that hits us at our core? Photographer Jill Greenberg asks us to explore those complicated emotions in this series, End Times.

http://www.art.jillgreenberg.com  http://tiendacostarica.cr/camaras-digitales/

http://www.art.jillgreenberg.com http://tiendacostarica.cr/camaras-digitales/

Jill Greenberg’s Portraits of Comedians

Jill Greenberg's Portraits of Comedians

Seth Rogen Photographer Jill Greenberg, who, in the past, has shown us the funny, emotive facial expressions of wild animals and the tear-stained faces of

O fotógrafo Jill Greenberg se cansou de ver fotos de crianças sempre sorrindo e criou esse ensaio no qual os pequenos aparecem chorando torrencialmente.

Um ensaio diferente – fotógrafa retrata crianças chorando

The Reel Foto: Jill Greenberg: Cry Baby

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