Courtney Richards Nantz – Jim Nantz’s Wife

Jim Nantz says players are just kneeling for the cameras during Dolphins game = On September 29th, Jim Nantz was on hand for the game between the Miami Dolphins and the Cincinnati Bengals. During the National Anthem, a number of players were kneeling on the sidelines as a form of protest, continuing.....


Jim Nantz Autographed Pyle Full Size Microphone, Proof Photo


Jim Nantz & Phil Simms Duo Autographed Pyle Full Size Microphone, Proof Photo

Jim Nantz is recognizable to sports fans for his many great calls, but when he speaks out about Alzheimer's, he delivers his strongest voice.

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Hot Mic Catches Jim Nantz Talking About National Anthem Protesters

Jorge Alonso, Brobible    has uncovered a video of CBS announcer Jim Nantz talking about Miami Dolphins players protesting the National Anthem during the Dolphins-Bengals Thursday night game on September... Keep reading


Hot mic, hot take: Jim Nantz criticizes NFL players kneeling for the national anthem

Jim Nantz caught criticizing anthem kneelers The CBS broadcaster is heard on a hot mic clip from an NFL game earlier this year being critical of protesting players.What he said Thursday night »

Stephen Colbert Flips Off Rihanna and Jim Nantz in Super Bowl 50 and Grammys Promo Â| Super Bowl 50

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