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Jimmy Johns Delivery Bicyclist jumps a moving train

Jimmy John's delivery is THAT fast

from CollegeHumor

This Jimmy John's Delivery Guy Jumped Over a Moving Train To Stay On-Schedule

This Jimmy John's Delivery Guy Jumped Over a Moving Train To Stay On-Schedule  #funny…


A Generous Gift for the Jimmy John's Delivery Guy

Hupy and Abraham, S.C. is supporting "Combos4aCure" in the fight against cancer with the @Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation and @Cousins Subs this month! Check out our photos from lunch last week (follow this link to our Facebook page) -- including a run in with an ill-timed Jimmy Johns delivery driver... :D Visit for more info!

Only-in-America-Hetalia---America orders pizza,then Tony shoots England with his ray gun or what ever it is,but the pizza get there before the ambulance...


Missouri Woman Arrested After Fabricating Story About Black Man Robbing Her at…

As a Jimmy John's delivery driver, here is the first tip I received today.

Gas stations of today have no clue where anything is but pizza delivery, cops and fire fighters are your best bet to get you to your final destination.


Thank you Jimmy Johns for being the only delivery place near my apartment. Italian Night Club in a lettuce wrap! ## I have a pork shoulder defrosting right now. I'm trying to decide between putting it into my crockpot tonight or before I go to work tomorrow. ## Do you leave your crockpot on when you leave the house??