Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre (4 Vols.) 倚天屠龙记(共四册) 平装 (Chinese only, NO English) - by Jin Yong (WB2D)

"Finding new horizons for Korea in its past: The Cultural Pioneering of Jin Yong Lee"

Xiao Ao Jiang Hu is a wuxia novel by Jin Yong. The story is about friendship and love, deception and betrayal, ambition and lust for power. In the middle of it all is, Ling Hu Chong, an orphan who is the senior student of Yue Buqun, leader of Huashan Sect, and the protagonist of the story. The story deals with his journey and development as a swordsman and his witness to the various intrigues which take place in the martial world of the story.

koreanmodel: “Streetstyle: Kim Wonjung at Seoul Fashion Week shot by Kim Jin Yong ”

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koreanmodel: Nam Joo Hyuk by Kim Jin Yong for Thursday Island

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Jin Yong inspira! :) Lettering Delights arrasa!

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