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JO ENRIGHT PLAYS ANGELA - The Job Lot A real stickler to play by the rules

Comedy Club with Jo Enright (Phoenix Nights) Tickets

Character Construction doll stamps by Catherine Moore. Created by Brenda Enright for a doll swap.


The Job Lot. Image shows from L to R: Graham (Tony Maudsley), Angela (Jo Enright), Danielle (Tamla Kari), Karl (Russell Tovey), Trish (Sarah Hadland), Graham (Tony Maudsley), Janette (Angela Curran), Bryony (Sophie McShera). Image credit: Big Talk Productions.

time trumpet-(2012?) Pundits Adam Buxton, Stewart Lee, Mark Watson, Richard Ayaode, Matt Holness, David Sant, Jo Neary and Jo Enright

The second series of The Job Lot (starring Sarah Hadland), began filming this month. It starts on ITV2 later this year.


Jo Enright is brilliant as Amanda in 'The Job Lot'. She's been a stand-up comedienne for years and when I met her she kindly gave me some tips for my one-woman show.


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‘Joy Carter is a rising female comic who uses her personal experiences growing up to good effect. Her comic style certainly makes her one to watch out for’, March Daily Mail, John James Anisiobi ‘a truly beautiful and gifted comic’ Jo Enright Comedian, actress ‘The Job Lot’ And this is just the start of the Night So BOOK TODAY and get your ticket to a Mind blowing night...........