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The home of John Alden. (1599 – September 12, 1687) is said to be the first person from the Mayflower to set foot on Plymouth Rock in 1620.He was a ship-carpenter by trade and a cooper for Mayflower, which was usually docked at Southampton. He was also one of the founders of Plymouth Colony and the seventh signer of the Mayflower Compact.

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John Alden’s Account of His Witch Trial Examination

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#Salem S01E06 | "The Red Rose and the Briar" Promotional Photos | WGN America

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Priscilla and John Alden, original Mayflower passengers. They married after arriving and settling in Plymouth Colony.

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WGN Salem | as Mary Sibley and Shane West as John Alden, in WGN America's ''Salem ...

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Priscilla Mullins Alden Birth: 1602 Weybridge, England Death: 1685 South Duxbury Plymouth County Massachusetts, USA American Colonial Figure. One of the charter members of the Plymouth Colony, arriving on the first voyage of the "Mayflower", her marriage to John Alden is the third known marriage in the Plymouth colony.

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