The beautiful space art of John Berkey

John Berkey's space art makes me nostalgic for a future that never was

August is officially John Berkey month here at conceptships. Yesterday was our 6 year anniversary so I thought an extensive John Berkey po.

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Spaceships – The stunning illustrations by John Berkey

Works by some of the best sci-fi illustrators of and John Berkey was known for his rounded space-ship style, intricate detailing, but also for some early Star Wars posters. See John's website here.

John Berkey   #science #fiction #space  all these PIN'S r for my grandson's scrapbook.......B

Dragon t-shirt

A tribute to the artist John Berkey, one of the greats of space and sci-fi themed art.

70s Sci-Fi Art: John Berkey

armchair-aviator: “ Heliport by John Berkey, conceptual artist behind the Death Star.