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Tea Party Republican U.S. Congressman John Culberson Compares Obamacare Supporters To 9/11 Terrorist Hijackers. --Really? Making sure 17 million children with a pre-existing condition will not be denied insurance is terrorism? Only satan worshippers would want them not to have ins.


Rep. John Culberson Outraged at Religious Censorship at Houston Veterans Cemetery -

Please listen to this! You can help! - Congressman Threatens To Cut Off Funds For Obama's Illegal Executive Orders ~ Pub on Feb 1, 2014 ~ Congressman John Culberson Threatens to Cut Off Funds for Obama Executive Orders.

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Inside the mind of angry GOP: Rep. John Culberson talks to

Inside the mind of angry GOP: Rep. John Culberson talks to Salon

9/10/13 - Ted Cruz Opposes Eric Cantor & Pete Sessions' (R-TX) "HUG IT OUT" PLAN to FUND OBAMACARE"


There are a handful of issues or proverbial political hot potatoes that evoke a tremendous amount of energy, passion, and raw emotion.…

Congressman: We can defeat amnesty, executive orders Culberson explains power to stop 'most illegal, unlawful president' ever He urged citizens to contact their representative to express opposition to amnesty and encourage them to cut off “money for Obama’s illegal orders ” and to “zero out his czars.”

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