MUST WATCH. this is why I see science and spirituality as one. Russell Brand Interviews Quantum Physicist Dr. John Hagelin (Part 13)

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"Life is fundamentally one. At the basis of all life's diversity there is unity. At our basis you and I are one."

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Dr. John Hagelin: Peace from the Quantum Level. Clear explanation of how we can quickly create peace if we really want to— click video to watch: Click Link for action steps:

pin 4 In this intro video, quantum physicist and certified TM teacher John Hagelin, PhD explains the Transcendental Meditation technique and its bene...

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John Hagelin at TEDxWomen 2012. Very interesting info on developing brain functioning. Short video highlights the challenges of service men & especially service women & women world wide. Learn more about TM for Women in UK here:

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John Hagelin, Ph.D - The Science of Self as Knowledge

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