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Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD - A beautiful old building and one of the best hospitals in the world.

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Johns Hopkins, Baltimore merchant & banker, left an estate of $7 million (US$137.3 million in 2014) when he died Christmas Eve 1873 at age 78. His will stipulated that his fortune be used to found two institutions that would bear his name: "Johns Hopkins University" & "The Johns Hopkins Hospital." At that time, Hopkins's gift was the largest philanthropic bequest in United States history. His name was "Johns", no apostrophe, just "Johns."

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heart 11 --- Wordy informative paper on sleep deprivation and chronic pain in women

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Dr. Sudhir Kathuria Director Spine Interventions (INR), Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland. June 2008- Present He has special interest in symptomatic Tarlov cyst and has treated more than a hundred patients with Tarlov cysts. He offers a minimally invasive, outpatient, aspiration and sealing of Tarlov cysts.

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This is the two-story-high statue of Jesus in the lobby of the Johns Hopkins Hospital. All of the medical geniuses who enter and leave the building pass by him. The patients and their families, are comforted here, no matter what religion they may be. To see this in person is truly awesome.

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Edgar Allan Poe, grave in Baltimore, Maryland located in a little church very close to Johns Hopkin Hospital

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