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Up to 10 per cent of dairy farms could go under following a cut to forecast milk payments, Prime Minister John Key says.

Prime Minister John Key said an apology was unnecessary. "I think what's more important than saying sorry, because any politician can say sorry, is to provide a genuine answer to teachers and actually the public about if things went wrong why they went wrong.

John Key hopeful of a 'sensible solution' upon returning to Waitangi - TVNZ

Government won't commit to a poverty target because it's too 'difficult' - John Key -

Stoush brewing over whether or not John Key is welcome at Waitangi's lower marae -

Prime Minister John Key has been forced again to defend his decision to retain Hekia Parata as Education Minister. This afternoon Mr Key revealed his refreshed cabinet. As political correspondent Tina Wickliffe reports while other underperforming ministers have been sacked, the PM has full confidence in his Māori minister.

John Key brushes off concerns that alcohol reforms will do nothing to curb binge drinking after last night's vote to keep the drinking age at 18.

A photo of Prime Minister John Key holding a bottle of French champagne has gone viral on social media websites. The snap, which was posted on Twitter two days ago, shows Key posing with $60-per-bottle Moet and Chandon champagne. It is understood that the photo was taken during celebrations for his son Maxs 18th birthday on Saturday night.

Prime Minister John Key says he has "complete confidence" in Education Minister Hekia Parata but he seems to be the only one who does. There were renewed calls for him to sack Ms Parata on Thursday following the resignation on Wednesday of Education Ministry chief executive Lesley Longstone.