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Diamond Jubilee: Queen Elizabeth Photos

POWER ELITE After suffering the death of a second close family member – her beloved mum, the Queen Mother Queen Elizabeth, on March 30, 2002 – the queen stepped out for a historic dinner with then-Prime Minister Tony Blair and past British Prime Ministers John Major, Margaret Thatcher, Sir Edward Heath and the Lord Callaghan of Cardiff in London on April 20.


TURN Season 1 Cast Photos - JJ Field (John Andre) Photo by Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC


John D. Rockefeller(1839 - 1937) raised himself up to become the richest man in the history of the world. At one point, he possessed the equivalent of $1 trillion dollars today's money -- and there were no income taxes then. He started as a bookkeeper, went into groceries and eventually bought refineries & oil wells, which became Standard Oil. For awhile he owned almost all the oil fields & facilities in America. He spent the last 40 years of his life supporting charities and good causes.

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By David Mccormack

This photo shows John F. Kennedy, U.S. president from 1961-1963, and a Native American Chief. March 5, 1963 President John F. Kennedy welcomed the National Congress of American Indians to the White House. This shows the relationship of these two cultures.


Jon Stewart hugging a dog. I ask you: what's not to love here?


September 23, 1780: Upon discovery that he had been plotting with Benedict Arnold, British Major General John André is arrested as a spy by the Continental Army. Facsimiles of self-portrait by André (a drawing he made by himself with a pen the day before his execution, the original is in the Trumbull Gallery at Yale College) and letter from Benedict Arnold to John André as Mr. John Anderson, Sept. 22, 1780. NYHS Image #87312d.


30 Nov 1985, Japan --- Princess Diana and her husband Prince Charles in Japan in 1986. The concept of a perfect dream marriage had already disappeared when rumours about the difficult married life came to public attention. Their separation was announced by the prime minister John Major in parliament on the 9th of December in 1992. --- Image by © Shelley/dpa/Corbis


John Glenn received a Congressional Space Medal of Honor in 1978. He was inducted into the Astronaut Hall of Fame in 1990. On October 29, 1998, he became the oldest person to fly in space, and the only one to fly in both the Mercury and Space Shuttle programs, when at age 77, he flew on Discovery (STS-95). As of 2012, Glenn and M. Scott Carpenter are the last living members of the Mercury Seven.


John Adams 1938 Issue-2c -On June 2, 1890 the US Post Office issued a brown 5-cent Postage stamp honoring Ulysses S. Grant. It was the first US Postage stamp to depict the former President and Civil War General. This issue was released exactly twenty-five years after Gen. Edmond Kirby Smith’s surrender of the last major Confederate army at Galveston, Texas, on June 2, 1865. The issue was printed by the American Bank Note Company.[43]