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It looks like a relic, but plays like gold. It was designed, ground wired, sanded, painted, sanded again and finished by John Mayer himself at the Fender Custom Shop. Only 83 of these exist in the world. The body's been stripped to absorb more sound and resonate it longer and...breathe really. Big dipper pickups, gold plates, rosewood, pearl tuning heads...drool. It doesn't get better than this for a nice soulful stratocaster.

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John Mayer - love his music? Get this tee now - less than 24 hours and Gone Forever!

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John Mayer: Holy crap amazing! Heartbreak warfare was the album of high school. He's crazy talented.

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This man is my artistic soulmate. We seem to be going through the same emotional ups and downs of life at the same time, and he writes the songs about the things I think about all the time!

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J-if i ever get around to living its gonna be just like I dreamed.. Im gonna take the love im given and set it free

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