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John Romero walks through the secrets and references of his last DOOM level

Daikatana - John Romero's B**** (Zero Punctuation)

Meet John Romero: One of the Godfathers of the First-Person Shooter

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Outdoor Concrete Seating by Hard Goods

Outdoor Concrete Seating by Hard Goods #design #outdoor #furniture Photos by John Romero, courtesy of Hard Goods.

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The Festival Floppies is a treasure trove of forgotten videogame history

First Person Saturday - Doom - | Editorials, Gaming


"Nobody is a Christian for oneself alone. The gift of faith is given to us so that by word and example we may become witnesses before others." - Pope John Paul II


Updated: Linux vs Windows: which OS is better for PC gaming? Read more Technology News Here --> Linux vs Windows Back in the '90s when you couldn't traverse through a college campus without the violent echoes of Metallica's "Enter Sandman" accompanied by the anxious clicks of a Doom deathmatch Microsoft reigned king over PC gaming. At the time using an operating system other than MS-DOS was today's equivalent of using a controller to play a twitch shooter on…

John Lennon, George Harrison, Julian Lennon and Cynthia Lennon


Heads in the stars- by Makeup Artist Anastasia Stacie Vanelli