John Travolta (born February 18, 1954) is an American actor, dancer, and singer. Travolta first became known in the 1970s, after appearing on the television series Welcome Back, Kotter and starring in the box office successes Saturday Night Fever and Grease. Happy Birthday :) ‪#‎Celebrity‬ ‪#‎Birthdays‬

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Actress Margaret Cho says John Travolta is ‘Oscar Wilde gay’ and he would be ‘happier’ out of the closet

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If John Travolta Had To Pronounce Everyone's Name At The Oscars - hahahahahahhaa oh I can't

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Some things are just real head-scratchers. How John Travolta could so badly butcher Idina Menzel’s name. How Leo has never won an Oscar. How putting oil on your face can actually make your skin less oily and less break-out prone. It took me years of frustration and poisoning my body with chemical-laden skin care products before I finally experienced this last...

Even though John Travolta seemingly tried really hard when he introduced Idina Menzel's name at the Oscars - his comment: "Let It Go" ...

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