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New John Wayne biography hits target dead center

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John Wayne starred in the western 'Rio Bravo' with singers Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson. (© Sunset Boulevard/Corbis)

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John Wayne starred in the film 'Big Jake' with his son Ethan playing the role of his grandson.

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Marion (John Wayne) with mother Mary and brother Robert. She treated Marion horribly and when she left husband Clyde, she took Robert only, with her.

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The late John Wayne, center, devoted his later years to spending more time with his family. When he was very ill, he told the doctors that he did not want painkillers because it would make him sleep, and he wanted all of his time left to be with his family. This was in his Biography that I read. It was very touching.

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Two of my favorite actors--John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. This picture is from McClintock, one of the funniest westerns John Wayne made.

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John Wayne and his four year-old daughter Aissa, by his third wife Pilar Pallete, in 1960. (© Bettmann/CORBIS)

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