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Made me realize that sometimes it's necessary to question authority - that sometimes authority is wrong.

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50 Incredibly Tough Books for Extreme Readers

Dalton Trumbo's "Johnny Got His Gun." Trumbo's a fascinating story in his own right, one of the Hollywood Ten, screenwriters and filmmakers blacklisted in the 1950s for communist leanings. "Johnny Got His Gun" got Trumbo in trouble!

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Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo. "You couldn't lose that much of yourself and still keep on living. Yet if you knew you had lost them and were thinking about it why then you must be alive because dead men don't think. Dead men aren't curious and he was sick with curiosity so he must not be dead yet."

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Johnny Got His Gun - Johnny Silahını Kaptı izlemek için tıklayın : Dalton Trumbo'nun 1. Dünya Savaşı'nda kollarını, bacaklarını, görme, işitme ve koku alma yetisini kaybederek et parçasına dönen bir askerin hikayesini anlattığı savaş karşıtı filmi "Johnny Got His Gun", 1971 yılında Cannes Film Festivali'nde FIPRESCI Ödülü'nü ve Jüri Büyük Ödülü'nü ka

Johnny Got His Gun Canvas Art - (24 x 36)

Another character piece, Johnny Got His Gun is a tale of a young WW1 soldier, hit near directly by a mortar shell during an inconsequential duty handed to him by a superiour. He is deprived of both arms, both legs, and most of his face, leaving him unable to see, speak, smell, or meaningfully communicate with anyone around him. The film pictures him as the abstract consequence of war, an innocent and well-meaning man, cast into unthinkable horror, for no real reason, without any real answer.

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Metallica - One [Official Music Video] Now the world is gone i'm just one Oh god help me Hold my breath as i wish for death Oh please god help me Darkness imprisoning me All that i see Absolute horror I cannot live I cannot die Trapped in myself Body my holding cell

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