she-behaves-like-shes-on-fire: chaotic-genius: jkimisyellow: bridgemcgidge: tan-the-man: Wow now THAT is a cool batman tattoo HOT DAMN (funfact: in russia the letter for ‘N’ is actually ‘H’ (so you read ‘HAHAHA’ but russians read ‘NANANA’)) NO

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Brandon and I wanna get matching tattoos that symbolize our relationship (kinda) and have something to remind us It has a Final Fantasy feel, with a Batman twist lt;3 A perfect mixture lt;3 Tattoo Ideas | tattoos picture joker tattoo

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Ran by 11/28/2016 Joker is one of the most beloved and distinguish characters because of its unique style and how its a symbol that goes against society who establishes stereotypes a symbol of revolution in sort of a way like Vendetta is. I think its not a stereotype.

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