My Joshua was born March 1980. Lived his life for Jehovah and died at the age of 29. August 24, 2012~ bu
I’m so excited to begin the book of Joshua with you. We are about to embark on a…
The ‘Heroes of Faith’ teaching series or free vbs is a great opportunity for children to discover how some of those people found in the bible are great bible heroes. It aims to inspire them to realize just how they can be a hero too; by trusting God and having faith in Him. This series …
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Teach kids the superpowers of our faith heroes with these 4 simple lessons. Noah, Joshua, David and Nehemiah are just a few of the many mighty men of God we can learn from and follow. Talk about each hero then put his super power to work in your home, school and community!
Joshua hangs back as Moses leads him by the hand in this 15th-century stained-glass panel from the Church of St. Lawrence in Nuremberg, Germany.
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Bible Coloring Pages for Kids: Joshua 24:15 But As For Me And My House We Will Serve The Lord | Scripture doodles where you have to colour in the actual words and letters of a Bible verse are a great way to teach our kids how to memorise Scripture |
8 Awesome DIY Secret Codes for Kids - Type your own Top Secret message into the template and it will automatically encrypt to match the Cipher!  Great as Spy Party games or activities, for playdates or even in the school classroom as code breaking games $6.50 via
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