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Journal Prompts for Adults - End of year reflection. What impact have my efforts made on the world and my mission within it this year?

from Mom Fabulous

31 Days to a More Fabulous You: Put Pen to Paper and Journal (Day 3

Did you ever keep a diary in your teen years? I sure did because there were times I felt like if I didn't get it on paper and out of my head, I would explode. Because, like, I have feelings right? :) Fast forward to my adult years and I just don't do it anymore. Read some thoughts on what journaling can do for you, as well as get some journaling prompt ideas. Let 2015 be the year you get all of these thoughts out of your head and on paper!


Making a journal jar is a creative way to encourage someone to start slowly keeping a journal. Whether you're a person who already likes to journal, you're not really interested, or you find it too time consuming, a journal jar lets you attempt to journal in small doses. I know I have good intentions and would love to journal every day just so I can remember something about these days that go by so fast. The days all blend into one and before you know it, all the memories are just one big…

from Busy Moms Helper

100 Journal Questions

Do you keep a journal (or diary, if you prefer that term)? I don’t, although I know I really should. It’s ridiculous the different things I’ve forgotten, that I wish I had written down somewhere. That’s one thing I want to try to do better this year. Even if I only do a few sentences …

from The Daily Post

Ebook: 365 Writing Prompts

Journaling prompts (for adults) for every day of the year. Pretty neat, used it for the first time today and now I wish I had found it on 1/1 Ebook: 365 Writing Prompts

from Michele's Finding Happiness

25 Journal Prompts for Your Happiness Journal

25 journal prompts for your happiness journal. Your happiness journal is yours, but you might need a little push to get your brain engaged. Try these 25 journal prompts to get your pen moving across the paper.