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Rose and the doctor are my OTP and I cry EVERY SINGLE TIME I watch journeys end and doomsday.


It breaks both my hearts to read this (script from Journey's End with Rose, 10, 10.2, & Donna)


The Doctor - ''You're the Dalek's pet!'' -- Doctor Who.S04E13 - ''Journey's End'' and Doctor Who.S09E02 - ''The Witch's Familiar'' (Doctor Who - BBC Series) source: Peter Capaldi

Journey's End Reunion by ~lamarnza on deviantART (aww, but wasn't Martha happy for them? :/)

And he's left from having a TARDIS brimful of all his friends, brimful of his new family, a few hours later he's on his own again. Journey's End is almost (almost) worse than Doomsday. Not even because he's lost Rose again, but because he got everyone back, everyone he cared about, everyone who helped him survive, and lost them all. It's no wonder regeneration wasn't long in coming after this. I don't know how he survived losing everything twice.