But if one has empathy, compassion, patience, and understanding... wouldn't that make them capable of making wise and fair judgements? Reasoning is a skill that is sadly lacking in some.

“It’s easy to judge. It’s more difficult to understand. Understanding requires compassion, patience, and a willingness to believe that good hearts sometimes choose poor methods…” ~ Doe Zantamata My.

just because I dont agree with you doesnt mean I dont love you | Who am I to judge another, when I walk imperfectly.

Just because I don't agree with you doesn't mean I don't love you. Who am I to judge another, when I walk imperfectly myself.

Someone needs to go to another revival& be saved! But then again you go once a yr!

Wise Sayings: Quotes about Wisdom - Wishes Messages Sayings Counting other people's sins does not make you a saint (or an angel).

judging others quotes the happiest people i know are evaluating and improving themselves. The unhappy people are usually evaluating and judging others.

Is Judging Others Always Wrong Or Does it have A Positive side to is as well - Judging Quotes

The world is a mirror. {jy}

The world is a mirror. {jy}

Then there are the people who preach how they forgive, and have a kind, Christian heart, but deep down, they are not what they seem.

This is my sister and my Mom and Dad and my husband for me. The four people who I feel I can tell anything to. And they will love me no matter what.

Don't have to even think twice about this. You betray me and my family...it's goodbye forever. Will NOT tolerate toxic people ever!!!!!

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You circle a bible verse about judging others?!?! LOL first off no one cares who your BOO is we care about the kids and 2nd off YOU judge people all the time so learn from yourself bitch!!!!:)

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just don't judge people. plain and simple.

Don't judge people for the choices they make when you don't know the options they had to choose from.

Yeah...stop it!

There is a lady I regularly see. I see her outside cafes, bus stops, or just sitting on a bench. I call her the bag lady. She has about 20 carrier bags all around her. With her life.