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Why give yourself or kids vitamins with who knows what.... make the change see the difference!

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Vitamin B Supplements More Effective With Higher Omega 3 Levels

Vitamins Cheat Sheet Infographic - Feel free to send me a FRIEND REQUEST; I am always posting awesome stuff on my timeline too! ☮ If you have Fibromyalgia, please join me for Fibro and weight loss support, great recipes, tips, motivation, and fun at our amazing group: OR For more great recipes, tips, motivation, weight loss and fun, join our amazing group at:

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I really cant say this enough! Juice Plus is amazing! Its a game changer. I love my juice plus and will never go back to a daily vitamin again! With us at juice plus you get a community, a family all standing behind you helping you on this journey! AND juice plus can pay YOU BACK. Can One A Day do that? #JuicePlus #Healthy #HealthyLiving

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The difference between Juicing and Juice Plus+ing! When we test our product against other juiced powders. We consistently see higher values for things like vitamin E & C as well as Polyphenols and Anthocyanins. Additionally we consistently see deeper more vibrant colors in our products than in competitive products" - Liza Peeple, Manager at Product Quality at Juice Plus+

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Find out all the health benefits and worldwide studies supporting the fresh fruit and vegetable blend Juice Plus capsules and Juice Plus+ Complete Shakes and of the fresh grown fruits and vegetables you can grow with our Tower garden

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