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Bonsai Cuttings ... I want to try to keep a bonsai tree again, but I failed so miserably and depressingly as a kid, that I want to keep it cheap and less sad. Maybe I could root some cuttings from nearby juniper trees to do it on the cheap. This website shows how.


Goshin ("protector of the spirit") is a bonsai created by John Y. Naka. It is a forest planting of eleven Foemina Junipers, the earliest of which Naka began training into bonsai in 1948. Naka donated it to the National Bonsai Foundation in 1984, to be displayed at the United States National Arboretum; it has been there ever since. The tree is posted in our Top Bonsai gallery.


Juniper Bonsai, can't take my eye away from the stunning deadwood and how the live vein twists around the deadwood. Photo by Jiang Wen. #bonsai


I like the "Tim Burton"-feeling of the trunk, fit for a haunted forest. I want to create something like that in the future.


Bonsai de Junipero. Juniperus L. é um género de coníferas pertencentes à família Cupressaceae. São arbustos e árvores de médio porte, geralmente conhecidos por zimbro, caracterizados por apresentarem tronco robusto, madeira duradoura e, em geral, excepcional longevidade.

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How to Care for Juniper Bonsai Trees

I have tried Bonsai a few times in my life. I've failed. Admittedly, I didn't pay much for the initial plants, so that may be part of the problem. Perhaps I will try again sometime soon.