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Junk bond trader

I won't take your medicine I don't need a remedy to be everything I'm supposed to be I don't want nobody else I can do it by myself We're meant to be together...

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Guess What Happened The Last Time Junk Bonds Started Crashing Like This? Hint: Think 2008

Junk Bonds? - may be for you if you know how to analyze them - Investopedia - Curated by: John McLaughlin, Day Trading Coach - Stocks - – Clients - – Linkedin - Google+ - #junkbonds #daytradingstocks #daytradingcoach

morning had to come, i'd be walking in the sun, living the day, but last night i was about to throw it all away

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Are junk bonds right for your portfolio? If a junk bond is more risky, how can I decide if it’s worth buying?

From Junk Bonds to Junk Schools: Cyber Schools Fleece Taxpayers for Phantom Students and Failing Grades

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If History Is Any Indication, Junk Bonds And Copper Are Telling Us Exactly Where Stocks Are Heading Next

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Μάχη για τη ρευστότητα της ΕΚΤ και τα γερμανικά junk bonds