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Jupiter Ascending Plot

This was our film selection for "Read this, Don't Watch that", by Billy Hunstman, for our Feb.17 issue!

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The concept art of Jupiter Ascending is glorious eye candy

Jupiter Ascending concept design gallery. This Collection is a small sample of drawings and sketch paintings created by George Hull during the production of the film. 

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Jupiter Ascending Reveals Plot As Wachowskis Begin Production

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Mila Kunis should have been a stripper in Jupiter Ascending. Every story needs strippers – and it’s not what you’re thinking.

STEREOSCOPY :: Jupiter Ascending in 3D 2015 - Plot Details and TRAILERS in 3D

Screened Out – Jupiter Ascending (**) "What a very, very expensive piece of cheese! If you think about this movie afterwards – and I suggest you don’t – the galaxy-sized plot holes and unanswered questions will make you giggle!"

New 'Jupiter Ascending' Trailer Pairs Stunning Visuals With Sci-Fi Action

third trailer for blockbuster Jupiter Ascending, providing a deeper look at its intergalactic plot.

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