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Chris Pratt Rides with the Raptor Squad in New JURASSIC WORLD Poster

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What could be better than Dinosaurs? Chris Pratt fighting dinosaurs of course! The more I see from this film, the more excited I get for it. I am excited to go back into the park on June 12th

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Mosasaurus Grabs A Shark Snack In Latest Jurassic World Poster

My, what big teeth you have! Here’s the newest Jurassic World poster, released ahead of the new trailer which drops on Monday. It depicts Mosasaurus, “the immense seagoing lizard,” swimming up to nibble on what would normally be a pretty scary-looking shark, but here kinda resembles a Goldfish cracker.

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Jurassic World by Colin Trevorrow (2015) // really good and fun adventure/action movie. although I do wish it had been more serious drama like the original. it was more like Fast and Furious with dinosaurs. that's not a bad thing; it just wasn't quite what I was hoping for.

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Jurassic World poster. Tap to check out 15+ Awesome Jurassic World Movie iPhone Wallpapers! - jurassic park, dinosaurs, t-rex - @mobile9

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I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!! Conversation with some one who doesn't like this movie: Me: OMG!! Have you seen Jurassic world yet?! OMG! It the best movie ev... Person: um, I don't really like that movie. Me:... Person: are you okay?? Me: you don't like that movie??? Person: no. I kind of hate it. Me: I'm taking you to the doctor Person: why?! Me: because your either terribly sick or your just an a**hole.

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