Ok lots of people are going to be like "why in the world would you pin a picture of Justin?!?"  Here's why... even though I'm not a fan of "him", I'm a fan of his courage.  There's been a lot of hate towards him but he's kept going and stayed strong

i like this ALOT. i really don't get why people give him hate.or say he turning into miley .um she is a wanna be not him.lady gaga justin yah cough wanna be cough cough skank

Justin Bieber Pictures Justin Bieber In Concert - June 24, 2010 -

Justin Bieber in Justin Bieber In Concert - June 24, 2010

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His smile, it makes my day. I can't even describe how happy i am when i see pics of Justin smiling.

Justin Bieber bed room theme

Justin Bieber bed room theme I want, want and want it😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Portada y tracklist del álbum PURPOSE de Justin Bieber | Noticias

Justin Bieber Purpose on Global superstar Justin Bieber's highly anticipated fourth studio album Purpose features the recent hit singles "What Do You Mean," "Where Are U Now," and "Sorry" and draw

Day 4: Favorite Justin Bieber quotes Okay...maybe I cheated a little on this :))  But when I stare in your couldn't be better

Never give up on your dreams because one day it will come true. I met justin on a escalator at the staples center believer tour

I GOT MY BELIEVE TICKETS ORDERED TODAY THEY ARE BEING DELIVERED ON JANUARY 14TH. IM SO EXCITEDDDDDD!!!!:D believe tour woop! I might get to touch him :0 or yanno marry him. That works too.

Justin Bieber wear sunglasses in winter🙈 But I love him, SOO MUCH❤️


this was at Believe Premiere Dickinson Dickinson Bieber Dickinson Dickinson Bieber Dickinson Dickinson Bieber ✓ Dickinson Dickinson Bieber

Screening calls: Justin Bieber is reportedly ignoring Selena Gomez's attempts to contact him since their social media fight

Justin Bieber 'ignoring Selena Gomez's calls' after Instagram row