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I don't like justin bieber music at all, i don't know how he is as a person. But this qoute i agree with

Hahaha Justin Bieber's face!

Ellen Hilariously Scares Justin Bieber With a Guy Dressed as a Calvin Klein Model

12 Crimes tthat Justin Bieber has Committed Justin Bieber Facts

Really Jimmy really lol he has ran in to a couple but no that's not the reason haha

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Justin Bieber explains in a new Webstagram post that the only reason he was photographed in his overalls during his photo op with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is because he didn't have time to change into something more professional.

Justin Bieber Debuts New Song for Mother's Day

Justin Bieber Debuts New Song

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Justin Bieber covers the March 2016 issue of GQ in Burberry. Justin Bieber lands his first GQ cover, appearing on the American magazine’s March 2016 issue. Photographed by Eric Ray Davidson, Bieber.

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Justin Bieber Smokes Pot All Day Long, Acts Like A Brat, Claims Source (i hope this isn't true!