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Kahan Academy

Screen test for the online classroom

Is the biggest classroom in the world the screen in front of you? Need to read more or look at the Kahan Academy...

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Advancing Math Instruction

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Let's use video to reinvent education, for many he is a revolutionary in education, worth your time to check his thoughts out not matter where you stand

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Chand taare jab ojal ho chuke hai........ - Kahan jayenge zindagi ka karwa lekar, yunhi reh jayenge ek tanha jahan lekar, Chand taare jab ojal ho chuke hai aankhon se, kya karenge ab hum saara aasma lekar. -

Gradual release chart : move the clip to keep you and your students on track. Great chart to use for teaching the Gradual Release model!

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speech 3 Blog Post on how to make your own Clip Art

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