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21 Potentes Imágenes De Miradas Que Dicen Más De Lo Que Las Palabras Jamás Podrían


In this picture we see a Japaneses Kamikaze pilot flying into a US carrier. Kamikaze pilots would use their own planes as bomb's to attack US ships in order to stop them from reaching Japan's mainland.


Kamikaze Pilots: Japan’s Suicide Squad in WWII -


Stories like this need to be told more often. Found on Shorpy among the comments below photo at Entitled "Other side of the story.". Widens our view of the bombing of Pearl Harbor from the pilots' experience. The pilots had no idea they were performing a sneak attack until afterward, and even then, if any of them had a problem with it, they were given veiled threats. Very interesting. I'm not surprised. Our history books never give us the total 'real'…

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World War II: The Pacific Islands

This photo provided by former Kamikaze pilot Toshio Yoshitake, shows Yoshitake, right, and his fellow pilots, from left, Tetsuya Ueno, Koshiro Hayashi, Naoki Okagami and Takao Oi, as they pose together in front of a Zero fighter plane before taking off from the Imperial Army airstrip in Choshi, just east of Tokyo, on November 8, 1944. None of the 17 other pilots and flight instructors who flew with Yoshitake on that day survived. Yoshitake only survived because an American warplane shot him…


28 Apr 45: A Japanese kamikaze pilot crashes his plane into the US Navy hospital ship USS COMFORT, penetrating 3 decks and exploding in a surgical ward, killing 28 (including 6 nurses), wounding 48 and considerably damaging the ship. Army Nurse 1st LT Mary Jensen (in photo, standing three decks below where the crash occurred) had stepped out of the main surgery supply room less than one minute before it was completely demolished by the explosion. #WWII #History