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Star Wars Phone Wallpaper 1
Kamino Star Wars Retro Style Planet Postcard Poster Print (Available In Many Sizes)
Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars - Clone Trooper Deluxe: 'Shiny' Sixth Scale Figure ~ "Fresh from the clone hatcheries of Kamino, these rookie privates have yet to face the realities of warfare. Crafted on a fully articulated body w pristine white armor, the Clone Trooper 'Shiny' features interchangeable Phase 1 & 2 helmets, & an arsenal of essential munitions." ~ SRP: $139.99
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Clone Trooper Tup C 5385: He was the first clone to malfunction and prematurely executed Order 66. After he killed a Jedi he was taken to Kamino where his friend Fives tried to save him, but in the end Tup died from the malfunction. Fives did some detective work and found out about Order 66. When he tried to tell Rex and Anakin they thought he was malfunctioning like Tup had. Fives was considered dangerous and defective. In the end, Fives was shot by Commander Fox.
Humanizing soldier toys in Star Wars universe (Matthew Callahan)
Jango FETT | Figure | Kamino | STAR WARS | Episode II : Attack of The Clones | Sideshow Collectibles Figures
So Awesome! star wars minimalist poster planets