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Sumatran Tiger, Kampar | by Milan Vorisek


Annielicious Food: Kampar Prawn Noodles wannabe (金宝 "马来王" 虾麺) - (MFF - Perak)

Kampar Chicken Biscuit (Kai Zai Paeng or 鸡仔饼)

Kereta Kabel Sungai Kampar | RIAU DAILY PHOTO

Kereta Kabel Sungai Kampar | RIAU DAILY PHOTO

Gelombang Bono yang gahar! Sungai Kampar di Riau (Albert Saniko/detikTravel)

INTRODUCTION i have always heard of this biscuit but I never try it before I blog this cookies. This Chinese New Year, it seems that it is a common Chinese New Year goodies in Chinese Facebook Groups. I also saw the biscuits being sold in Singapore supermarket . Out of my curiosity, I tried it …

Through The Kitchen Door: Kampar Claypot Chicken Rice

Traveluxion: 7 Objek Wisata Kabupaten Kampar Riau Paling Popul...