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Man, that’d be so Kanye! The admiring glance (1868), Auguste Toulmouche / I Love Kanye, Kanye West

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DAKOTA JOHNSON In her sexy Dior jumpsuit, glam Sunday Somewhere shades and that pretty smile, Dakota's a dead ringer for mom Melanie Griffith.

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Aurora James

Kanye West is a fan of her line. |

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City of Portland

Critics/Challengers. Kanye in Portland you say? Well, Yeezy gets in the mix because he certainly challenges my perceptions about how ugly pop can be while still being appealing. And he gets Portland because Portland drives me up the wall in the same way. I kind of hate it, but I love how well that city marches to its own beat. I'd hope to have a strong critical community around me that personally and professionally challenges my perceptions and forces growth in ways I don't expect. Fabolous sampled Kanye West’s On Sight, off the Yeezus album for his “Young OG” single.

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Tension For Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: $10 Million Spent On Home Renovations And No End In Sight! - Check more at

On Sight | Tank

HUMAN | Well-designed + Affordable T-Shirts, Art Prints, Posters, & Accessories

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Kanye West - Black Skinhead // On Sight (Choreography by Sevyn)

The unofficial video for Kanye West's 'On Sight' by Radar Studios. Please make it official.