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I've been making this salad for years ever since I first cut out the recipe from the Sunday Life magazine. It's a Karen Martini recipe and what I like best about it is the way she treats brown rice...


How to turn 10 ingredients into 40 different recipes Jill Dupleix Emergency dinners: Karen Martini's Pad Thai.

Moroccan spicy eggplant dip | Karen Martini [Roasted: eggplants, Roma tomatoes + harissa, coriander, cumin, fresh mint, ]


Rough puff pastry | Karen Martini recipe,Rough puff is a great recipe to have in your repertoire, it’s simple to make and gives you that little bit more ownership of your dish. It doesn’t have quite as many flaky layers as classic puff, but it’s still rich, buttery and absolutely delicious.