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Karim Rashid bold design work often has a conceptual undertones. This evident in the symbols illustrated in the example above. Each symbol has a completely different meaning with a rich conceptual practice. I hope to create small and big visual codes in a similar manner to Rashid that link to my concept.


Karim Rashid talks personal taste: Part One

THE AESTHETE Financial Times!!! Karim Rashid talks personal style: Part One STYLE | of the most prolific product designers of his generation, Karim Rashid is known for his minimalist, sensually curved pieces in pop-art colours


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Semiramis, the Athens Hotel designed with Della Rovere italian office furnitures by Karim Rashid, is the result of true dedication to Modern Art. It is an intimate hotel that concentrates on positive energy, intense experiences, culture, art and design.


ARTEMIDE Cadmo terra How to Become an Internationally Recognised Design Superstar with Karim Rashid