I don't know why but I feel that I will be using this as a text response in the near future

One time I wished a bitch would and it came true. oh my goshhhhhh!

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I'm not saying I hate you , All Im saying is if you got hit by a bus , I'd be driving that bus Kat Williams Meme

Katt Williams  Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! So true!

I don't gotta act like I'm the shit cuz I am the shit sit back n 👀

Kat Williams- his face expressions are priceless.

I hate when Ex's say I'm here if you need me. Bitch where the fuck were you when we were together?

Hahaha yes, and it drives my dogs nuts.

I’m going to guess that you’re stoned (24 photos)

Funny pictures about Dear rappers. Oh, and cool pics about Dear rappers. Also, Dear rappers.

Kat Williams

But seriously, why do such young people have ANY kind of social network account?

I know right...  The nerve of some minding others people's business... #girl-bye!! #sit down and #myob ♥katt williams

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The nerve of some minding others people's business. down and ♥katt williams 🙄 so true!