The Ninth Wave (from Hounds of Love,1985) by Kate Bush

Kate Bush- colour still from "The Ninth Wave" (Hounds of Love) by her brother John Carder Bush.

Harari Bush 93 169

Kate Bush’s cinema of sound

field-of-light: “Kate Bush photographed by Guido Harari ”

Kate Bush, Wuthering Heights. She captured the essence of Emily Bronte's novel…

Kate captured the essence of Emily Bronte's novel perfectly. (No film version has ever come close). Take the Kate Bush Quiz by

The one and only Kate Bush on her one and only tour.

Kate Bush - A Redhead Fashion Icon for Every Decade

kate bush - want everything about this picture

kate bush - want everything about this picture

Kate Bush, Italy, 1978.

The British singer Kate Bush, sitting on the floor, leaning against a door in glass and wood, posing for a photo shoot.

The beautiful & amazing Kate Bush! I know she's not a band but hey she rocks

Kate Bush at an old piano, wearing a very fragile, flocked velvet and fringed flapper jacket from the Kate is wearing it over a satin nightie. Picture is from an article "Tales Of Christmas Past" by Jan Etherington, Christmas 1978

Kate on camera

Kate on camera

Kate Bush, promotional photo for "Wuthering Heights", 1978.

Photos of Kate Bush (by Unknown) [More Kate Bush, Music, Black and White, and Vintage on Rhade-Zapan]

Kate Bush

Kate Bush

Kate Bush | All these photos are by Kate’s brother, John Car… | Flickr

Kate Bush with a mandolin. Photo: John Carder Bush “ This glimpse of ‘the easy, unending bliss of Summer holidays’ shows Kate Bush clutching a mandolin as she poses.