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We've all used sawhorses to camp chairs to folding cots trying to get our yaks stable for rigging and storage. Herb Reyes has adapted a folding PVC cradle that's cheap, easy to fabricate, and works like a charm!


Building a Portable Kayak Stand

Building a Kayak Stand Whether you need a kayak stand for storage or as a kayak work bench, building one is quick, cheap and easy. This will guide you on building a basic stand, and from there it's open to modification. Here's what you need: ... More


West Bradenton

Constructed of 2" PVC for weight support. This stand was built to occupy 2- 70 lb kayaks. I added paddle hooks on the inside & outside of the front length for paddle storage, and a UV/Weather Resistant reflective tarp for added protection.


Kayak racks I made with shelf brackets. Brackets are 11x14, if I remember correctly, and can be mounted either way, so that leaves a hole out at the end of the top one that I thought I would put a bungee through over to an eye screw mounted on the post (to secure the yak). Yaks sat so nicely that I decided I didn't need that. I cut up a noodle and slipped it over bracket for padding. Yes!