Kazuo Shiraga - Biography for the green apples
Kazuo Shiraga PRUSSIAN BLUE signed, stamped and dated 77; signed, stamped and titled in Japanese on the reverse, ink and watercolour on paper laid on card 27 by 23.8 cm.
白髪一雄 - Swinging from a rope suspended from his studio roof, Japanese artist Kazuo Shiraga used his feet to smear oil paint dramatically across a canvas.
Kazuo Shiraga
Kazuo Shiraga. - Yugi, 1994 #ContemporaryJapaneseArt
Kazuo Shiraga, peinture avec les pieds, 1956
Three gallery shows spotlight Japanese artist Kazuo Shiraga Photos | Architectural Digest
Kazuo Shiraga (1924 – 2008) Kasuminova 1976 Oil on canvas 33 x 24 cm.
Kazuo Shiraga, Viviparity
Kazuo Shiraga
Kazuo Shiraga - Vaisravana, 1974, oil on canvas, 130 x 162 cm
Kazuo Shiraga.  Challenging Mud.  1955. Photo from the first Gutai exhibition
kazuo shiraga
Shisen - Kazuo Shiraga
https://www.centrepompidou.fr/id/c5pBra/rbqazKe/en Kazuo Shiraga, Chizensei Konseimao, 1960
Kazuo Shiraga