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Keep Rocking

dave the wire hair fox terrier

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Happy 70th Birthday Mick Jagger! Keep rocking and rolling for many years to come! What is your favorite song by The Rolling Stones?

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Beautiful.... this is one of my happy places I go to when I close my eyes only it's in the middle of about 100 acres. :-)

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The Front Porch Have you ever found a surprise on your front porch? Sometimes our neighbors leave things for us, like zucchini or even flowers, but you will hardly believe what we found last week.

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HAHAHA! Poor Kirstie! just keep watching it over and over again it gets so funny!

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chibird: A proud penguin for making it through a semester/half-year of school. ;u; Keep rocking it guys. I’m always going to be here to support you all.

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How does Tyler do such weird things while keeping such a straight face??!?! I... I just.... I just don't get it

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Truth About Books…

This is awesome. I have a teacher who keeps saying we'll be sitting in our rocking chairs trying to describe books to our grandchildren

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