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“A husband in Italy is accusing his wife of “mistreatment of family and ‘bad management of domestic affairs’ for failing to keep up with the household chores, such as cooking and cleaning. According to Italy’s penal code, the law ‘punishes whoever mistreats a person in their family or a person entrusted to them for reasons of education, care or custody.'”

Many Christian wives and mothers would love to come home full time and take care of their families but they don’t think they can afford it. Let me ask you a few questions. Do you believe God owns everything? Does He give us everything we need to obey what He commands of us? If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, you can come home and trust Him to provide for you if your husband agrees to it.

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kitchen gift basket

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Why is God’s perfect plan to have the older women teaching the younger women? (I have heard many say that “older” means older “spiritually” in Titus 2:3 but this isn’t what God meant. In the KJV, He calls them the “aged” women; those who have aged – older in age.) He wants the older women who have the time, wisdom, and experience to teach the younger women who are busy at home taking care of their families.

Working women submit to their bosses and make their lives easier and better. Wives at home submit only to their husbands and make their lives easier and better. They keep the home running smoothly so their husbands can safely trust them while they are busy focusing on those things that provide a living for their family. Their wives train and discipline the children. They keep the homes clean and tidy, shop for food and essentials, and many even teach their children at home which is a good…


@heidiswapp · this pink We R Memory Keepers new Typecast typewriter is making itself right at home I pretty much love it! #purecuteness #oldschool

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Tender Italian Sugar Cookies

These traditional Italian cookies are moist and tender. —Weda Mosellie, Phillipsburg, New Jersey


"Call on the Divine Mother, Kali-Ma to help you face your fears and then move beyond them!!! Jai Jai Kali Ma!" - Kyle Gray. This Keepers of the Light Oracle deck by Kyle Gray, came out in Oct. 2016, and is available to order on e.g. his webpage. Artist: Lily Moses