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In the tale of Macbeth, there are many secrets which end up hurting a lot of people. An example from Act 3 is in Scene 2 when Macbeth is giving Lady Macbeth a sign of what`s to up but not giving away all the details in full disclosure. "Lady Macbeth: What`s to be done? Macbeth: Be innocent of the knowledge, dearest chuck," (3.2.49-50). If Macbeth told her there may have been the slightest possibility that she could have prevented Banquo`s death.

Even if you don't know the cause, all you know is that there is something not quite right, off or unusual about a family member or their partner, don't just ignore it or pretend it didn't happen.By keeping secrets you may be unknowingly contributing to a serious problem. Lying or keeping secrets about things that shouldn't have happened need to be brought out into the open immediately. Only more pain results with deceit & possibly more damage.The only way to right a wrong is by facing it…

Be a person others can count on. Keep promises, keep secrets and be kind.

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George Orwell Quote: “If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.”

I am not stupid, nor am I a ho, nor am I a liar. Look at yourself. All because of a man who treats you like absolute shit and makes a fool out of you? I don't get it. What exactly is it that you're looking for from me? If you're happy then why do you keep engaging me?! Why do you keep blaming me for HIS cheating? I'm the one who ended it. I have my own life. Without him. Like wtf.

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