1989 ♦ January 8 – British Midland Flight 92, a Boeing 737, crashes near Kegworth, Leicestershire, United Kingdom, after one of its engines loses a fan blade and fails. Of the 118 passengers and 8 crew, 79 survive. The incident became known as the Kegworth air disaster and is the first loss of a Boeing 737-400.


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8 January 1989 – British Midland Flight 92, operated by Boeing 737-400 G-OBMI crashed at Kegworth, Leicestershire whilst on approach to land at East Midlands Airport. The aircraft was operating a scheduled domestic flight from London Heathrow Airport to Belfast International Airport when the port engine suffered a failure but the starboard engine was shut down. Of the 126 people on board, 47 were killed and 79 were injured.

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8 January 1989 - British Midland Flight BD 92, a Boeing 737–400, crashed onto the embankment of the M1 motorway near Kegworth, Leicestershire, in England. The aircraft was attempting to conduct an emergency landing at East Midlands Airport. Of the 126 people aboard, 47 died and 74, including seven members of the flight crew, sustained serious injuries

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