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Kelly Lebrock Age


‘Weird Science’ beauty Kelly LeBrock greets the little maniacs at CES

Kelly LeBrock in "Weird Science" 1985....the only one in the 80's with lips as big as me:)


80's films were full of retro futurism. The onslaught and popularity of computer's had people's minds buzzing over the endless possibilities of the future. In Weird Science, two school age boys create their dream woman using the power of technology. This is what happens when you combine the retro and vintage past with predictions of the future (Geekchunks, 2012)


Kelly LeBrock became an obsession for teenage boys when the film ‘Weird Science’ was released. She was the sexy woman created by that science experiment. Unfortunately, her acting career did not take off as she thought it would and she has only been in a handful of D-list movies over the past decade. Recently, she mentioned she would like to return to acting, however at this moment in time, she hasn’t booked anything. While her career has failed her looks have not as she has aged with grace.