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omg no hate to kendall but this made me burst out laughing.... his face XD

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he knew how to swim just fine when he was on that yaght with Kendall ...!

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I don't even care if it's fake it just made. My day <<< I was ganna say I don't remember see this lol

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[fc: harry styles] son #2] "hey i'm harry. my family just moved here. i'm 18 and single. i didn't have a lot of friends at my old school.. introduce?"

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Kendall Jenner’s Breaking Up One Direction With Her Fakelationship Demands, So You Can Insert Your Yoko Ono Joke Here

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@Kendall Finlayson Finlayson Sheeran. Percy Jackson/Harry Potter. I LOVE Annabeth and Ron with the spider!!

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Dumbledore Memes | Expecto Petroleum | Harry Potter

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