June 24 - Yes! Potato plants are growing up and "out", poking through straw and fence holes.

Kennebec Potatoes. The Kennebec is a big, hefty potato with a rich, earthy and nutty flavor. The flesh of the Kennebec potato is firm and moist, yet starchy, making it a versatile potato in the kitchen. Its thin. slightly rough skin is creamy white and tan and its flesh is soft ivory in color. While Kennebec potatoes are most widely utilized for frying (they make wonderful chips & french fries!), they are an outstanding all-purpose potato.

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Potato, Kennebec Popular all-purpose potato with smooth skin and texture,... more info Product Details Sun: Full Sun Sowing Method: Direct Sow Days to Maturity: 80 days Height: 18-24 inches

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