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A premium plant! Kentia Palm is an elegant plant that eagerly thrives indoors yet grows relatively slowly so it can be enjoyed for many years. You’ll regard this palm as a stylish addition to your room, adding lush color and graceful fronds. Botanic name: Howea fosteriana Care tip: Kentia palms are colder tolerant than some other palms, and can thrive in cold dips to 10 degrees F.

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Kentia Palm - Care and Info

The Kentia palm is a fairly easy plant member from the Howea genus to take care of indoors that displays wide leaflets. The Kentia palm is native to Lord...

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Kentia Palm - Care and Info

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Die Kentia-Palme

Die Kentia-Palme ist auch bekannt als Howea. Eine Pflanze wie eine frischgrüne Blattexplosion, mit einer stilvollen Ausstrahlung und geringen Pflegeansprüchen. Die Kentia-Palme gibt Ihnen von ihrer unbändigen Energie gerne etwas ab.

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My LA home will have at least one Kentia Palm. Filters the air and adds an amazing feel to a smaller apartment

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Tropic greens: The taste of Petrol and Porcelain | Interior design, Vintage Sets and Unique Pieces

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